We can pick you up from anywhere and take you to anywhere as long as it is pre-booked!
This is the right place for You to book a transfer from a terminal (airport, bus, railway or ship) to a large number of destinations in Slovenia and abroad, and vice versa.
There are several different types of vehicles at your disposal - a car, a van, mini-bus and a limo so You can choose the one that fits Your needs.
Please take a look at our Low-cost transfers. They are the most affordable means of transfer.
All listed prices are final and there are no additional or hidden costs (tax included). The security of online transactions is guaranteed by PayPal company - the leading Payment Gateway in the world.
You will find that we are one of the leaders in our field and that is why we are able to keep our prices very competitive.
We wish you a safe journey and a pleasant vacation!

Dear guest !
Getting an airport taxi transfer during summer season, which in Slovenia lasts from june to october, could be very tricky.
Taxi drivers are usually overbooked and overworked, prices are considerably higher, trafic jams make situation even worse. And the taxi meter is running no matter what... The best way to avoid such problems is to book a transportation service from your airport / train or bus station / hotel... to your destination in advance.
If you browse through our transfer prices, you will find that they are lower than our competition's and are guaranteed – the price of your transport won't change once you book a transfer.
MNJ TRANSFER transportation rates are fixed - it doesn't matter whether your driver is waiting for your arrival at the airport for example, if there is a delay or perhaps heavy traffic during your transfer. There are absolutelly NO EXTRA CHARGES – THAT IS OUR GUARANTEE!!!
There is some limit to a number of persons on a taxi transfer, since we can provide airport transportation service by a car, van, minivan or a limo there is a limit of eight persons per transfer.
You will notice that we have great transfer prices from Airport Jože Pučnik Ljubljana, which is the closest airport to our headquarters.
Starting this year we have introduced airport transport services in most countries in our region.
Our transportation service includes Italy, Austria, Croatia and complet Slovenia.
And one final note:
if the airport taxi transfer or any other transfer that you need is not listed on our transfer booking form, please use our Contact form and we will do our best to add your transfer destination to our database.
Beside that, we will arrange transportation service which you require.
We are sure that you will enjoy doing bussines with us !
Marko Nowotny,